Amber Jarvis, Regional Marketing Director

I’m Amber Jarvis, and for the past 5.5 years, I’ve been honored to lead the marketing efforts for Swinerton in Northern California as Regional Marketing Director.    

A Professional Odyssey: From Marketing to Construction

My path to Swinerton was serendipitous. A chance encounter with a former Swinerton BD Manager during a holiday dinner in 2017 with an old friend led to a transition from an international developer/builder with waning local investment to a legacy California builder with bold and exciting plans for expansion. I joined Swinerton in 2018. 

Navigating Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs

I’ve encountered a fair amount of challenges in my role, from efforts to build and retain good talent during Covid to managing complex pursuit deliverables for high-stakes projects. However, my competitive nature, proactive mindset, and ability to adapt and thrive under pressure has propelled me forward. One recent triumph is launching a national client interview training course with the objectives of unifying our process across all regions, increasing presentation impact (ROI), and promoting a cohesive message and competitive advantage. The growth mindset is at our core as employee-owners.

As a former rower, I’ve experienced the strength of teamwork both on and off the water, how unity drives us forward. I love this quote from The Boys in The Boat: ‘Just like a tide that lifts all boats, when individuals come together and work cohesively towards a common goal, they can achieve remarkable feats.’ It’s a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving success.

Empowering Advice for Aspiring Professionals

To aspiring women considering a career in construction, I offer a few pearls of wisdom: embrace your strengths, be proactive learners, exude confidence, and remain resilient in the face of challenges. At Swinerton, I’ve found support for my professional growth through training programs like the Builder series and feedback mechanisms such as 360 surveys and Hogan evaluations.

A Personal Touch: Finding Joy Beyond the Office

What I enjoy most about working at Swinerton is the sense of camaraderie and the vibrant company culture that keeps me energized and engaged. Outside of work, I fully embrace my role as a “soccer mom” and relish in time spent outdoors with family and friends.

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