Julie Luu, Safety Engineer

Q: What do you like best about being in the construction industry?

A: It challenges me physically and mentally every day. I love working with my hands and watching my skills develop as I continue to learn how to build. The field has truly taught me valuable lessons that I apply to my personal life as well.

Q: What accomplishments in your construction career are you most proud of?

A: I hope that my journey in the construction industry will be a force that motivate others to step up to be their best self and to experience and accomplish more than they’ve imagined for themselves.

Q: What advice do you have for young women entering the industry?

A: Have grit, determination, and a strong focus because the field could truly make or break you. This is a great career option for women who are passionate about creating and building things with their hands – like an artist. I love to create, so to me it doesn’t feel any different than what I’m used to, it’s in my heart.

Q: Have you been a mentor or been mentored at any point in your career?

A: I was running the stocker/scrapper for cleanup and managing material, so in that sense I had to take phone calls and have conversations with leadmen and foreman every day. I got the chance to learn from them and experience firsthand how they lead and manage people. I have to lead by example and motivate my team rather than just being a “boss.”

You have to inspire them and help them find their purpose as well. For me, that is mentorship.

As far as woman to woman mentorship, I learn a lot from Bonny Shim. She was one of the first women to join the jobsite and really inspired me.

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