Megan Harris, Project Field Admin

I’m Megan Harris, and for almost five years, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Project Field Administrator at Swinerton. Join me as I reflect on my professional journey and the experiences that have shaped my career in the construction industry.

A Path of Transformation: From West Coast to East Coast

My journey with Swinerton began as a temporary Accounts Payable Specialist on the West Coast. After a year, I transitioned to a full-time role within Accounting. Today, I find myself on the East Coast, immersed in Operations. The transformation of my career over the years has been challenging and rewarding, pushing me to embrace new opportunities and grow personally and professionally.

Passion for Construction: From Subcontracting to Swinerton

My passion for construction runs deep. Having started my career as a billing specialist for an electrical company, I developed a keen understanding of the subcontracting world. This invaluable industry knowledge has been instrumental in my journey at Swinerton, where I am fortunate to witness projects come to life and contribute to their success.

Empowering Success: Role and Responsibilities

As a Project Field Administrator, my responsibilities span various tasks crucial to project success. From processing MSAs and prequalifying subcontractors to creating change orders, I strive to support our projects in every way possible. Organization is vital in my role, and I take pride in being a consistent and reliable resource for my team.

Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Achievements

Transitioning to the Atlanta office and moving departments presented its own set of challenges. However, through perseverance and dedication, I have overcome obstacles and achieved milestones in my new role. Administering projects like Diamond College Park and Hearthside Lawrenceville from inception to completion has been particularly rewarding, witnessing their transformation from concept to reality.

Empowering Women in Construction: Advice and Support

To women considering a career in construction, my advice is simple: Go for it! We need your talent, passion, and perspective in this industry. Don’t let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams. At Swinerton, I have found unwavering support from my fellow women in construction and my manager, Pam Chapman. Their confidence in my abilities and the nurturing environment at Swinerton have empowered me to thrive and excel.

A Home Away from Home: Swinerton’s Supportive Culture

Swinerton isn’t just a workplace; it’s a family. I have felt welcomed and valued since day one, making it feel like a second home. The connections, camaraderie, and positive atmosphere make every day at Swinerton feel less like work and more like a fulfilling journey of growth and success.

As I continue my journey with Swinerton, I am excited to embrace new challenges, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to our projects’ and team’s success. Together, let’s build a brighter future in construction.

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