Quinn Lascurettes, Carpentry

I’m Quinn Lascurettes, a proud member of Swinerton’s carpentry team, and I’ve been honing my craft with the company for the past 3.5 months. Let me take you through my journey in the construction industry, from humble beginnings to newfound skills and accomplishments.

Embarking on the Construction Odyssey

My tenure at Swinerton has been nothing short of transformative. Stepping into the world of construction, I’ve been met with a wealth of knowledge and experience thanks to the supportive environment fostered by Swinerton. The emphasis on safety and the unwavering commitment to integrity has made every day on the job a rewarding learning experience.

Roots in Construction: A Passion Ignited

Construction isn’t just a job for me—it’s a way of life. From a young age, I’ve been immersed in construction, working alongside my family and developing a deep-seated love for the craft. The practicality and usefulness of construction skills have always resonated with me, motivating me to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

Crafting Success: My Role and Responsibilities

As a layout carpenter at Swinerton, my role spans a spectrum of tasks, from installing embeds and blackouts to creating control lines with precision using the Tremble. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to contribute to the success of our projects and the overall team. Collaboration and a positive attitude are the cornerstones of our crew’s synergy, making every task seamless.

Triumphs Amidst Challenges: A Journey of Growth

My journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. When I first started, I faced a steep learning curve, grappling with unfamiliar concepts like working with concrete and mastering the intricacies of the Tremble. However, through perseverance and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone, I’ve overcome these challenges and emerged stronger and more skilled than ever before.

Pride in Progress: Celebrating Achievements

Every day at Swinerton brings a sense of accomplishment as I witness the tangible progress we make on-site. From mastering new tools to executing tasks with precision, each milestone marks a personal victory in my journey. I take pride in my growth, reflecting on how far I’ve come since my first day on the job.

Empowering Women in Construction: A Message of Encouragement

To aspiring women considering a career in construction, I offer this advice: Embrace your journey, own your space, and never underestimate your worth. It’s natural to feel outnumbered but remember that your presence adds invaluable diversity to the industry. Stay resilient and confident, and let your passion for the craft guide you.

Swinerton’s Support: Nurturing Growth and Development

Swinerton has been instrumental in my professional growth, providing the guidance, resources, and opportunities necessary to thrive in the construction industry. From comprehensive training to hands-on experience, Swinerton has equipped me with the tools to expand my skill set and evolve as a valued team member.

The Joy of Construction: Finding Fulfillment in Work

What I enjoy most about working at Swinerton is the satisfaction of seeing our collective progress at the end of each day. The camaraderie, the shared victories, and the tangible results of our hard work fuel my passion for the craft. Nothing quite like the sense of fulfillment from putting in a good day’s work.

Beyond the Jobsite: Exploring Passions

Outside work, I enjoy music and art, channeling my creativity into my craft and infusing my projects with artistic flair. Whether strumming a guitar or wielding a paintbrush, I cherish the opportunity to express myself and explore new avenues of creativity.

My journey at Swinerton embodies the transformative power of perseverance, passion, and dedication. Each day, I continue to grow, learn, and contribute to the legacy of excellence that defines Swinerton’s construction ethos. Here’s to the journey ahead and the endless possibilities it holds.

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