Shelby Joubert, Project Executive

I’m Shelby Joubert, a Project Executive with Swinerton. 

Inspiration in Construction:

What drew me to construction? The industry’s dynamic nature, the tangible impact of our work, and the thrill of being part of a collaborative team striving towards a common goal. Each project is a voyage into uncharted waters, filled with challenges waiting to be conquered and victories waiting to be celebrated.

Role and Responsibilities:

As a Project Executive, my role spans the entire project lifecycle, from the pursuit phase to project completion. I oversee preconstruction, design development, and construction, ensuring seamless coordination and execution. Accountability, drive, and teamwork are the cornerstones of my approach, driving success individually and as a team.

Challenges and Triumphs:

One of my most significant challenges was stepping into my first project as the lead project manager. With a green team and immense responsibility resting on my shoulders, it was a trial by fire. Yet, it was also a defining moment in my career, pushing me to grow professionally and personally as I navigated the project to success.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals:

To all the women considering a career in construction, my advice is simple: immerse yourself in the field. Get out there, ask questions, and absorb as much knowledge as possible from superintendents and trade experts. The hands-on experience gained from visualizing construction concepts in real time is invaluable for your growth.

Support from Swinerton:

From opportunities to challenges, Swinerton has shown unwavering trust in my abilities, empowering me to take on new horizons and chart my course to success.

Personal Touch:

What I love most about working at Swinerton is the camaraderie and collaboration permeating every project. Beyond work, I’m a passionate sailor and wine enthusiast. Whether navigating the open waters or savoring a fine wine, I find joy in every journey, both on and off the clock.

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