Amparo Arrizon, Project Engineer

Hello, everyone! I’m Amparo Arrizon, and for the past 9 ½ years, I’ve proudly served as a Project Engineer at Swinerton. Let me take you on a journey through my career and share the insights and experiences shaping my path in the construction industry.

A Professional Odyssey: From Numbers to Nuts and Bolts

My Swinerton journey began in November 2013, when I joined as an Accountant through Aerotek Recruiting & Staff. I quickly immersed myself in the Swinerton culture and transitioned to a full-time Junior Accountant role in September 2014. Eager to explore new horizons, I moved to our Self-Perform Group Administration in November 2017, laying the groundwork for my eventual transition to the operational side of the business. Through determination and focus, I seized the opportunity to step into the role of Project Engineer with our Millwork group.

Inspiration: Learning and Embracing Challenges

What inspired me to pursue a career in construction? It’s my insatiable thirst for knowledge and my fascination with overcoming challenges. With each passing day, I am inspired by the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the construction industry and contribute to the success of our projects. Collaborating with colleagues, navigating intricate project details, and fostering strong relationships with trade partners, architects, and owners—all fuel my passion for this dynamic field.

Role and Responsibilities: Driving Success, One Detail at a Time

As a Project Engineer, my responsibilities span a broad spectrum—from estimating projects and managing submittals to overseeing the RFI process and conducting job walks with our project foremen. Central to my role is ensuring the success of our projects by maintaining clear communication channels, implementing efficient workflows, and delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations.

Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Obstacles, Celebrating Milestones

In the construction world, challenges are inevitable. One obstacle I’ve encountered is meeting schedule expectations amidst delays in other project scopes. However, through effective collaboration with our GC team and meticulous planning, we’ve navigated these challenges and kept our projects on track. A particular achievement that fills me with pride is our successful completion of the Gap – 2 Folsom St project in San Francisco. Despite its complexities, we delivered the project on time with minimal quality issues—a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals: Embracing Failure and Seizing Opportunities

To aspiring women considering a career in construction, I offer this advice: embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Learn from your mistakes, grow from your experiences, and never let setbacks define you. At Swinerton, I’ve received unwavering support for my professional growth, with opportunities to explore new roles, attend training programs, and learn from inspiring mentors.

Personal Touch: Finding Fulfillment Beyond the Blueprint

What I enjoy most about working at Swinerton is our team’s sense of belonging and camaraderie. As construction evolves, I take pride in being part of an organization that embraces change and innovation. Outside of work, I’m a devoted baseball fan, and I cherish spending time with my daughter, sharing our love for the game, and creating cherished memories together.

Join me in celebrating the journey of growth, learning, and achievement at Swinerton, fueled by passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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