Daisy Briseno, Human Resource Administrator

I’m Daisy Briseno, and I presently hold the position of Human Resource Administrator at Swinerton. I have nearly eight months of experience in this role.

A Road Less Traveled: My Professional Journey

My tenure at Swinerton has primarily revolved around my role as an HR Administrator. Coming in with some prior experience in construction administration, I’ve had the privilege of learning and growing every day. Interestingly, my family background played a significant role in shaping my career trajectory. With all my sisters entrenched in the construction industry and a lineage of laborers, construction felt like a natural fit for me. I sought a career where I could foster meaningful connections with people, and Swinerton provided the perfect platform for that endeavor.

Nurturing the Heart of Craft: Role and Responsibilities

As an HR Administrator, my responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks critical to the success of our projects. From conducting Craft onboarding, including paperwork, ID verification, and drug testing, to providing essential support to Craft employees, I play a pivotal role in ensuring that our projects have the skilled workforce they need. With the dedication and expertise of Craft employees, Swinerton’s projects come to fruition. I strive to provide unwavering support where required and contribute to the seamless functioning of our teams.

Navigating the Interview Process: A Seamless Journey

My journey with Swinerton began with a straightforward and transparent interview process. After exploring available roles on the Swinerton website, I applied for a position aligned with my experience. Soon after, Kasandra Foley contacted me to schedule a Teams interview with herself and Priscilla Alvarado. The interview was insightful, diving into my previous experience and aspirations. Following the interview, I received a prompt response regarding their decision, and within two weeks, I embarked on my first day at Swinerton.

Empowering Women in Construction: Advice and Support

To aspiring women considering a career in construction, I urge you to seize the opportunity with confidence. Set boundaries, ask questions, and embrace every learning opportunity that comes your way. At Swinerton, I’ve found unwavering support for my professional growth. The company fosters an environment of exploration and continuous learning, complemented by Development Check-Ins with supervisors aimed at nurturing our strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

A Personal Connection: Finding Joy Beyond the Workspace

What truly sets Swinerton apart for me is the people I work with. The warm and welcoming environment and a camaraderie culture make every day a joyous experience. Beyond work, I find solace in exploring various hobbies and interests. Whether immersing myself in nature, pursuing creative endeavors, or simply spending quality time with loved ones, I cherish the moments that bring me joy outside the workplace.

As I continue my journey at Swinerton, I remain committed to contributing to the success of our projects and fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth.

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