I’m Desireé Ashmun, and I’ve been the National Talent Acquisition Manager at Swinerton for the past six years.

A Professional Odyssey

My journey at Swinerton began as the first member of the Talent Acquisition Team. Initially, I focused on building Craft Professionals within self-perform, collaborating closely with our Field Operation Teams to enhance processes, job descriptions, and efficiency. Over time, my role expanded to include Corporate recruiting, Swinerton Inc. Subsidiaries, Internal Mobility, and developing our National High School recruitment program.

What inspired me to pursue a career in the construction industry? It was my father’s influence. Growing up around construction sites, I witnessed the determination, hard work, and collaboration of men and women striving to create structures that would stand for generations. Their humility, family-oriented values, and kindness left a lasting impression on me, fueling my passion for the industry.

Role and Responsibilities:

As a Talent Acquisition Manager, my responsibilities span various areas, including coaching and mentoring a team, streamlining processes, and ensuring efficiency within talent acquisition. I focus on recruiting Craft Professionals, facilitating Internal Critical Mobility, supporting Swinerton Inc. Subsidiary Companies, and leading our High School Recruiting efforts.

Contributing to Success:

I firmly believe that teamwork is essential to project success. By collaborating with all facets of the business, I ensure we have the right talent at the right time, making Swinerton the best place to start and advance a career.

Challenges and Triumphs:

As a woman in construction with a field focus, challenges arise, but I view them as opportunities for growth. One achievement I’m particularly proud of is our National Partnership with SkillsUSA, where we educate youth about the opportunities and life skills our industry provides.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals:

To women considering a career in construction, I say: Stay positive, focus on helping others, invest in self-improvement, and establish boundaries. Success doesn’t come overnight, but you can achieve your goals with perseverance.

Swinerton’s Support:

At Swinerton, we have a genuine employee ownership mindset. We’re empowered to drive initiatives that enhance the workplace and support professional growth. It’s this collaborative spirit that makes Swinerton an exceptional place to work.

Personal Touch:

What do I enjoy most about working at Swinerton? It’s the people—the supportive, collaborative, and inclusive culture that fosters growth and success. Outside work, I cherish spending time with my family and creating lasting memories.


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