Roya Vermillion, Preconstruction Executive

What do people say when you tell them you work in construction?

“It is great to see more women in construction. What do you exactly do?”

What do you like best about being in the construction industry?

Walking away at the end of the day and seeing your progress in front of you instead of just a pile of paper being moved around makes this job very rewarding.

How does more diversity on a construction jobsite help teams solve problems better?

Everyone brings different ideas to the table. Putting other people together and seeing ideas become solutions is great to watch.

Why did you choose Swinerton?

I chose Swinerton because of its growth opportunities, and I continue to select Swinerton because of the people I work with.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I most enjoy mentoring up-and-coming talent to help them reach their full potential and solve challenges. I love that every day isn’t the same.

What is your advice to women looking to start a career in construction?

Women are just as good or even better! 😊 I had a client say, “My top two favorite project managers were women; why don’t we have more of them in construction?”

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