Stacy Crestelo, Director of Administration

I’m Stacy Crestelo, and I’ve have the privilege of serving as the Director of Administration at Swinerton.  I have been with the company for over for 15 years. 

A Professional Odyssey: From Field Administrator to Director of Administration

My journey at Swinerton began as a Field Administrator at a healthcare project in Sacramento. While initially aiming for a role in Project Engineering, an opportunity arose in the Sacramento office as an Administrative Manager. I embraced this opportunity and discovered my passion for administration, leading me to pivot into roles supporting and serving field and leadership teams. Recently, I’ve been co-leading trainings to enhance administrative efficiency and effectiveness across our divisions.

Inspiration in Construction: The Power of Camaraderie and Core Values

My inspiration to pursue a career in construction stemmed from experiencing the camaraderie and strong core values within Swinerton. Swinerton’s commitment to excellence and exceptional leadership at all levels further fueled my passion for what I do.

Role and Responsibilities: Nurturing Administrative Excellence

As the Director of Administration, my role revolves around overseeing the development, management, and implementation of administrative procedures. I also manage administrative staff’s workforce plans, staffing, and work assignments while collaborating with other key partners on regional training and development initiatives.

Contributing to Success: Fostering Talent Development and Continuous Improvement

My contribution to project success and team effectiveness focuses on administrative talent development, best practices, and succession planning. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and being nimble, tenacious, and resourceful, I strive to elevate my team’s performance and enhance the overall project outcomes.

Challenges and Triumphs: Overcoming Obstacles with Resilience and Collaboration

Navigating various power dynamics and achieving common goals has been challenging, but I’ve overcome these obstacles through personal connections, clear communication, and a solution-oriented mindset. One achievement I’m particularly proud of is promoting and recognizing our division administrators, coaching them on leadership development, and empowering them to embrace new possibilities. This has been a learning opportunity for me as well, as they have equally taught me so much. 

Advice for Aspiring Professionals: Embrace Opportunities and Follow Your Passion

While construction has traditionally been a male-dominated field, there has never been a better time to enter the industry, as companies realize we (women) are a part of what makes construction companies successful. I believe that women bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to this industry. There are many different career paths you can take within the construction industry. Most importantly, no matter what career path you take do what makes you happy 

Swinerton’s Support: A Foundation for Growth and Success

Working with an extraordinary group of leaders has helped pave the foundation towards my professional growth As long as I have shown an interest and dedication to achieve a goal, my team has supported me. I am surrounded by a tribe of team members who have each other’s best interest at heart. I feel a great sense of support from my Swinerton Family.  

Personal Touch: Building Relationships and Finding Balance

What I enjoy most about working at Swinerton is the people. Partnering with fellow female professionals in the industry, empowering the next generation of women, and the sense of purpose derived from collaborating with diverse teams brings me immense joy. Outside work, I love traveling, cooking, baking, working out with friends, and finding balance and fulfillment in personal and professional pursuits

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