Rocio Montano Jimenez, Project Engineer

Q: What do you like best about being in the construction industry?

A: You can see the progression and transformation of a project before your eyes – from literally nothing to something special. I also like the challenges that come with the job and seeing how I overcome them.

Q: What accomplishments in your construction career are you most proud of?

A: What I’m most proud of is my progress. I have a lot more knowledge and a new skillset in my field than when I first joined the company. I am also proud knowing that I can use my brain to do the same job as the guys even though they might be stronger than I am, and that’s a good feeling.

Q: What advice do you have for young women entering the industry?

A: I would advise them to not be afraid or intimated by the construction industry. Before I joined Swinerton, I really didn’t know what one does in construction. I thought it was just a job for men and there isn’t a lot of work for women in the field. But that all changed since I started here. I love my job. I really don’t see myself doing anything else that’s not related to construction. Ultimately, I want to finish the program and become a foreman in the field.

Q: Have you been a mentor or been mentored at any point in your career?

A: The people that I work with day-to-day are my mentors, like the journeymen that I’m paired up with. They’ve helped me out a lot from my first project to my current jobsite. They are very patient and don’t hesitate to teach me or help me, even when I ask a lot of questions.

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